Waas Boring & Cable Inc. is a family owned business which was established April 1, 1969 by Stan Waas. Today his wife Pat and their three sons, Randy, Brian and Jeff join Stan in the operation of the business.

For more than 49 years, Waas Boring & Cable, Inc., has provided services to the in the telecommunication industry by supplying equipment and man power to place cable in the ground as well as aerial cable. We have completed many jobs for AT&T and Frontier Communications. We service the state of Wisconsin and would like to serve you! Waas Boring & Cable is a well trusted and known throughout it's community.

Back Shed Expansion

Congratulations to our Superintendent and Safety Manager Mark Konen who has been a valulabe asset and friend to Waas Boring & Cable, Inc. for over 40 years!

Safety: At Waas Boring & Cable Inc. safety is our foremost concern. We believe that workplace safety is achieved through planning, proper training and work-site awareness.

Office Expansion

Vision:To continue to provide our current and new customers' with timely and quality workmanship.

Mission: To continue to provide hard work, dedication and commitment to quality workmanship.

Waas Boring & Cable Inc. - 25th Anniversary


Gas Tank Installation